The item you purchase from this site comes under the Electric Power System Units or the Power Backup Systems, which according to their rated capacities and features are specific as per the configuration or the requirements of the Automobiles, Households, Offices, Industries or Buildings, etc.
So please purchase as per the requirements or you may call us, Battery Badshah provides you the best Power Solution as per your requirements.

  • No refund or return will be entertained after the generation of the Invoice and delivery/installation of the system.
    Refund or Return can be initiated only when the item purchased is having some breakage at the time of delivery. You may get the exchanged item or be refunded as per your request. 
  • Battery Badshah is not liable for any kind of breakage after the delivery/installation of the item.
  • Any customer who has chosen to prepaid rather than cash on Delivery (COD) and if he/she chooses to cancel the order before delivery then the shipping cost will not be refunded, only the product cost will be refunded.
  • Any Customer who chooses to COD, and cancels the order before the delivery, then he/she has to pay the shipping charges.

Maintenance Services will be provided at the company’s (manufacturer) end under the warranty period of the item purchased. You may contact us too for any requirements or suggestions regarding the item purchased from us, but the complaint regarding the item and response of the complaint will be registered and provided (respectively) by the Manufacturer only, under the warranty period.

Battery Badshah will provide its Repair & Maintenance services after warranty period as per your request. We are pleased to serve you.

  • Free Shipping
    On order over 9999
  • Money Return
    30 Days money return
  • Support 24/7
    Hotline: (+91) 9810273595
  • Safe Payment
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